Friday, December 9, 2016

DBDOC 10.7 -- Download Your DBDOC Update Today!

We are delighted to announce the release of DBDOC 10.7, with a variety of upgrades, bug fixes, and new features.  A few of the major improvements are noted below.  For more information, please see What's New and the Release Notes.

Built-In PDF Files

If your system contains PDF file documentation, you will be happy to learn that PDFs are now first-class citizens in DBDOC, built directly into the M14 like other document types.  They can be viewed right inside of Hyperview, links to blocks and tag references are made automatically, and they can be searched like other documents.

Links to external PDF documentation are still supported, too.

See Built-In PDF Files and More! PDF File Support in DBDOC 10.7 for more information.

Configuration Change History Support

DBDOC 10.6.1 introduced the creation of DMPCFG files for both the .CFG files and the CLD and CAD sheets automatically when you do a DBDOC build.   DBDOC 10.7 introduces automatic archiving of the files from both the CLD / CAD sheets and the compiled or saved CFG files. When you do your DBDOC build, your DMPCFG files will now be archived with the error files. Also, the last build you did before installing 10.7 will be archived. Thus, you will start with a base for comparison of the last build you did with DBDOC 10.6.1 and the first with DBDOC 10.7.

See Configuration Change History Support in DBDOC 10.7 for more information.

Improved S+ and 800xA PG2 Graphics and MicroStation Drawings.

Display of S+ graphics has been significantly improved. Symphony Plus graphics rendering has been greatly improved. Splines, background colors, lines, etc. which previously were not drawn, now appear, and previously handled elements are now drawn more accurately.  The user can now also specify the path to their Symphony Plus image files in Wizard so that Hyperlink can find and use the correct image specified in a graphic. S+ and 800xA live data display sizing has also been improved. MicroStation drawings have improved text display, rendering and remove duplicate search hits.

Improved Error Detection

Processing has been extended to check more blocks for continuous exception reports.  The use of PID and APID blocks with derivative gain combined with inputs from discontinuous input blocks is reported.

"Lost Project" Recovery

DBDOC 10.7 can recover "lost" projects. A feature to recover "lost" projects has been added to BuildPlus, allowing project recovery if are inadvertently "lost" due to a change in UAC level on a machine or a user's privilege level.

There's more...

For more information, please see What's New and the Release Notes, or follow this blog, where we will be illustrating new features and DBDOC capabilities regularly.

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