Thursday, August 22, 2019

New in 11.0 — Export project data

In DBDOC 11.0 you can explicitly export much of the configuration information found in the DBDOC system snapshot into a standard non-encrypted SQLite database. This exported database has similar contents to the “master.db” database produced during builds of earlier versions of DBDOC.

This database contains information about specifications, wiring, blocks, tags, and errors, all of which can be accessed by your own tools for your own purposes. Please contact GMCL for help making use of this valuable resource.

What can you do with the exported database? 

Controls enhancement

The exported database includes the specifications and the wiring in the configuration. One client is working with a controls performance monitoring package and getting the PID block parameters, control block parameters, process value range and interconnections. Applicable PID control strategies can be analyzed completely in order to improve tuning.

Calibration system

A second client is synthesizing the data needed to support an automated calibration system by relating slave parameters, analog zero and span and interconnections. Successively more complex queries will resolve as much as possible.

Alarm analysis

A number of clients have used the ability to identify the blocks feeding alarms, along with their alarm limits and sources, all easily accomplished using master.db or the exported database, to report the current limits of alarms. Identification of derived and adapted alarms are thus possible.

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