Friday, September 20, 2019

DBDOC 11.1 is ready for download!

DBDOC 11.1 is a minor release that nevertheless makes considerable usability improvements to DBDOC 11.0.  If you've been holding off on upgrading from version 10.7, this is definitely a good version to move to.

Improved Hyperview startup performance

The first thing you will notice is much faster Hyperview project load times, particularly for large projects and when the dbdoc file is being loaded across a network.   Startup time is now generally faster than for equivalent 10.7 M14 files, sometimes significantly so.

New and improved table of contents

In DBDOC 11.1, we have bitten the bullet and merged the Classic and Treeview table of contents in Hyperview.  The new table of contents is hierarchical -- just like in Treeview TOC, you see the chapter headings at the top level, but instead of a tree, you simply click to display appropriate sub-indexes.  

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Special treatment for live specs

Live specs are now handled in a far more efficient manner, fetched only once or when refreshed.  They are now automatically compared to static spec values, and discrepancies are visually highlighted.  

Note that you now have to choose "Enable Live Specs" from the "View" menu in order to get this capability!

File support improvements

Other notable improvements in this release include support for the new form of 800xA MDB files (800xA Version 6.0 and above) replacing Harmony Tag Exporter support that ABB removed. In addition, there is now support for Symphony Plus Engineering (SPE) 2.1 and 2.2 using PostgreSQL backups.  GPI, HGS, and HPG files are also now supported.

A wide variety of build configuration options have been added and improved as well.

Please see the Release Notes for details on the changes in this release and other releases.

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