Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A more efficient approach to live specs

Until DBDOC 11.1, "live specs" were a kind of live loop annotation.  Although simple conceptually, this caused a number of problems in practice.  For one thing, although "live" specs are live, in the sense that they may change, they very rarely do, and certainly not at live data fetch timescales.  So having live specs turned on for a block could cause the repeated fetching of tens of items, clogging up bandwidth for no benefit whatsoever.

In addition, it is laborious to compare the live spec values with the static spec values.

The solution in 11.1 is to display live specs integrated with normal layered specs on CADs/CLDs.  The live specs are fetched only once (or if you refresh them), and the static to live spec value comparison is done automatically, with discrepancies visually highlighted.

Note that you have to choose "Enable Live Specs" from the "View" menu in order to get this capability!

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