Thursday, October 22, 2020

DBDOC 11.2 is ready to go!

We're excited to release DBDOC 11.2!  This version really capitalizes on the groundwork laid in DBDOC 11.0 and 11.1 to present some game changing new features. 

Hyperview has thumbnail images in indexes.

Thumbnail images can now be shown in the indexes for all graphical document types. Thumbnails are generated when the dbdoc file is built, and are cached on the build machine.


Hyperview highlights signal lines and show input/output trees.

Mousing over a signal line on a CAD/CLD sheet now causes it to be highlighted, with a tooltip showing block number and signal quality.   You can now have Hyperview display the trees of input and output signals for any block.

Latest ABB versions supported

Supported ABB software versions include SPE 2.3, SPO 3.2, 800xA PG2 6.0, GPI, HPG, HGS.

BuildPlus has a new look, and new features.

BuildPlus icons have been updated, and toolbar buttons rearranged for clarity.

A new interface makes it easier to manage your DBDOC license.

Graphics and document support has been extended.

Extensive improvements have been made to SPlus graphics support, in the areas of live data hotspots, formatting, tags, fonts, and colors.  Extensive improvements have been made to 800xA PG2 support, in the areas of searchable text, dynamic bars, pseudotags, and graphics rendering.

There are improved automatically generated links on PDF files, and JPG images are now supported in AutoCAD drawings.

Other system changes

Software license keys are now supported, custom Function Code Support(Composer 6.5 S+ Engineering 1.3) has been added, and support for PG2 XLS (800xA Display Documentation) files has been removed.

Live data improvements

A new indicator in CIUMonController shows whether a CIUMon is able to provide data.  In addition, CIUMon can now recover automatically when RoviSys OPC90 temporarily hangs.

And much more!

You will find these updates, and many more bug-fixes and improvements in DBDOC 11.2
See the full Release Notes for further information on DBDOC 11.2 and prior versions.

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