Friday, May 8, 2020

Accelerate your live data with RoviSys Turbo!

Whether or not you have DBDOC, your INFI 90® System can use RoviSys Turbo. RoviSys Turbo makes DBDOC live data five to ten times faster. Composer alone is typically ten times faster when monitoring. There is no extra communication loading.

How does it work? RoviSys is the first to make use of capability in the CIU and IET800 to fetch up to 16 analogs or 16 digitals in a single GMI fetch. Setting up your IET800 with OPC90 to gain the advantages of turbo polling is straightforward and uses standard ABB parts. 

10x faster with no extra load!

RoviSys Turbo gets up to 16 analog or digital values from a module in one message, improving monitoring significantly at no extra communications load.

Put spare CIUs to good use

RoviSys Turbo can handle multiple CIUs and IET800s - serial, SCSI and ethernet. Make use of spare CIUs by providing added cabability for power users, or increasing the amount of data fetched.

Share a CIU or IET800

Use what you’ve got! RoviSys Turbo can support Composer and DBDOC at the same time using one CIU or IET800. Composer is given priority over DBDOC, while DBDOC makes good use of the CIU when available.

Try RoviSys Turbo!

Accelerate today! Visit or for more information and start your free trial of RoviSys Turbo.

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