Monday, May 2, 2022

DBDOC 11.3 -- Ready to download!

DBDOC 11.3 is an important release that revamps the basic Hyperview interface, provides notably improved support for SPO and 800xA/PG2 graphics, enhanced integration of SPE 2.x, improved AutoCAD and MicroStation support, and live data reliability improvements. It also contains the prototype release of Hyperview in A Browser.

Download DBDOC 11.3 Here

New Hyperview navigation & hotspot interaction.

  • Hyperview now supports a “drag-pan” and “scroll-zoom” as its default interface, for better usability and compatibility with a touch-screen context.
  • Hotspots highlight interactively when you mouse over them.

Improvements to error browser, search & thumbnail support.

  • Errors can now be grouped by file type, including graphics type.
  • Context of surrounding words for search hits can now be displayed.
  • Thumbnails can be enabled separately for CAD/CLDs and general graphics.

Powerful new support for SPO and SPE 2.x systems.

  • BuildPlus “automagically” detects and builds the most recent version of time/date stamped data for SPO SPlus Operations Databases and SPE 2.x Backups, without the need to rename and copy these files
  • In many cases SPE 2.x can be now integrated automatically by BuildPlus without requiring an SPE backup at all.

Improved graphics support.

  • Ongoing improvements to hotspot placement, live data, fonts and colors in SPO graphics.
  • Many improvements to 800xA/PG2 graphics, including better hotspot placement, split Auto/Manual and Cascade/Ratio hotspots, more live data hotspots.

Improved AutoCAD & MicroStation support.

  • Support for AutoCAD ODA 21.11
  • Proper handling of MicroStation files with unicode names.

Live data reliability.

  • Ongoing improvements to Relay and Collector modes.
  • Data fetches are suppressed for the relevant block when certain HOPC errors are encountered, preventing stalls.

Hyperview in a Browser initial release

  • Hyperview in a Browser prototype release: Hyperview’s basic functionality in a touch-screen friendly web browser framework, suitable for tablets over wifi on your LAN, and most browsers on any networked machine.
  • Hyperview in a Browser supports basic navigation, search, and live data.
  • Hyperview in a Browser works on desktop and tablets, in Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, in all versions and platforms more recent than October 2017.
Give us a call if you would like to try out Hyperview in a Browser! It's not hard to set up, and we can walk you through it.  There is documentation here

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